Manufacturing trust: How Blockchain will change the world

We’re at the ground floor of a new paradigm in humanity that would change the human experience - it's called Blockchain. The thing that is going to change is trust. Trust is an essential component of any commercial exchange. When parting ways with your hard-earned money for any good or service, you have to trust... Continue Reading →

Changing the landscape of telecommunication

Blockchain technology is disrupting the financial industry, whether through cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or by introducing novel consensus mechanisms. The trend has now extended to internet service providers, with privacy and costs being addressed by the latest player in avant-garde connectivity aiming to challenge the status quo in telecommunications. Ammbr is the latest... Continue Reading →

Ammbr: The future of the internet

After taking a look at the ugly side of the internet, I take a look at the initiative that will protect your rights and give you the power to take control of your online experience. What is Ammbr? Ammbr is aiming to become the world’s largest wireless mesh network. It is being built using blockchain,... Continue Reading →

The ugly side of the internet

In the 21st century, the internet has changed the nature of our daily lives. However, much like money, or “the root of all evil”, it has become a medium through which elite groups can collude and exploit its users… Have you ever been tagged in a photo on social media that you’ve immediately untagged yourself... Continue Reading →

The Global Media Dictatorship & The Disastrous Consequences Of A Misinformed Society

A major subject in the news in recent months has been that of the media and its role and influence in our post-modern society. However, very few people understand the magnitude of this issue with regards to the media as a core tenet of any liberal democracy and how it has failed and succeeded in... Continue Reading →

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