RT Part II: Empowering communities and disaster relief

Another topic that was discussed during Ammbr’s roundtable discussion on blockchain technology and mesh networking was how they would be able to empower people living in developing communities, as well as maintain connectivity without line of sight in instances of natural disasters.
Ammbr advisor and Senior research associate at the University of Cambridge Dr Arjuna Sathiaseelan explained how Ammbr intends to support TVWS that will allow for continued network coverage even in instances of natural disasters.

“Long-range Wi-Fi requires line of sight,” he explained. “If you can talk about disasters and other aspects, you can possibly have things like TVWS (TV White Space) that Ammbr intends to support. It can overlay on top of Wi-Fi points, which runs on 5 GHz, for example. So, even if there’s an earthquake or something, and the TVWS works because it doesn’t require line of sight.”

Sathiaseelan went on to say that Ammbr provides a simple solution to the problems that discourage or completely exclude users from gaining access to the internet, such as affordability.

“So, when you have a pay-as-you-go model, they (users) are very worried about caps on data usage,” he added. “That will also hinder how you access the internet. So basically, with Ammbr on board, your providing connectivity for a significant fraction of the cost. You are getting more users to actually use the network, without really worrying about data usage, and that’s going to invite more and more users to come online.”

This is just one subject of discussion in the roundtable discussion. More subject will be covered in this blog at a later stage.

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