Ammbr: The future of the internet

After taking a look at the ugly side of the internet, I take a look at the initiative that will protect your rights and give you the power to take control of your online experience.

What is Ammbr?

Ammbr is aiming to become the world’s largest wireless mesh network. It is being built using blockchain, to enable a marketplace where bandwidth is autonomously traded 24/7.

According to Wikipedia, “A mesh network is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network. All mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data in the network. It can be applied to both wired and wireless networks. Wireless mesh networks can be considered a type of Wireless ad hoc network.”

The platform that Ammbr is creating, through which data is exchanged (the nodes), uses Blockchain to create an economic sub-system, turning the Ammbr network into a peer to peer marketplace for internet connectivity. Blockchain technology is essentially an open ledger that’s accessible to anybody and records all exchanges. Blockchain is the technology used to facilitate transactions for the exchange of online cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In combination with Blockchain, Ammbr is also using self-sovereign digital identity. This enables pseudonymous but verifiable interactions between individuals.

Ammbr has applies micro payments to billing and payment for internet connection. Users pay AMMBR, the native cryptocurrency of the network, to the Ammbr mesh device (similar to a modem). The owner of the device therefore earns AMMBR tokens, and is incentivized to create Ammbr Network access points.

The Ammbr Mesh device is more than a WIFI modem however. It is a multi-band soft-radio device that can communicate across a wide range of the radio spectrum, essentially increasing the range and throughput of the mesh network.

Users simply download and use an Ammbr app on their phones or PCs. In the app they have a wallet they can load up with AMMBR. They can then connect to the internet anywhere there is Ammbr network connectivity, without the hassle of finding or connecting to a hotspot.



How do you get involved?

Ammbr will be launching their Public Token Sale (sometimes called an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)) on 1 September 2017. This is crowdfunding via cryptocurrency (coins). The Ammbr Foundation sells AMMBR tokens to people willing to support the project, and so raises funding for further development.

Other instances of ICOs come in the form of the likes of the Tezos Blockchain Project, which smashed the record for an ICO, bringing in roughly $156 million from more than 2,000 transactions. Because the creation of coins is limited by the nature of Blockchain interactions (unlike centralized banks, who can increase the money supply at will and therefore devalue the currency via inflation). This means that the value of your tokens bought in the crowdsale will only increase over time. What’s more, jumping on board with the crowdsale is the means through which you can support Ammbr and help them to realise their objectives of creating a widespread decentralized network that will protect you from the high costs and danger involved with your use of the internet. Ammbr puts the control of your internet experience in your hands!

For more information on Ammbr, visit

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