“A First In Modular Edge Computing Servers”

Ammbr founder and managing director Derick Smith has revealed the details of the Ammbr router, ahead of November 14’s ICO, and has explained how it is going to radically change the landscape of internet services.

As Ammbr look forward to the company’s crowdfunding ICO on 14 November, Smith has described how his product will just be the first of many similar products to follow, as the field of Edge computing starts to come out of its infancy.

“The Ammbr router is, we believe, a first in modular Edge Computing servers,” Smith said. “The ability to blend services and technologies will create massive opportunities for enterprising developers to build distributed edge applications.”

Smith went on to explain just how Ammbr will blend services with technology, detailing the multiple functions that the router will serve to carry out.

“The primary function of the device is, unsurprisingly, to provide Internet connectivity and networking services. Pretty much everything relies on networking to function these days. So, the networking can be considered the foundation,” he continued. “That accounts for the top platter, which contains the bits for networking.

“The bottom platter contains the electronics for the other important piece of the foundation — the Blockchain. This is what adds the economic ecosystem — the marketplace — to the Ammbr Network. The cryptographic unit of exchange, the AMMBR, is made possible by the Blockchain. However, that still leave other platters on the table, so to speak,” Smith concluded.

Ammbr is a foundation that is targeting the untapped market for internet users and will be launching a cryptocurrency called AMMBR, which will be used in exchange for network connections, on 14 November 2017. Their unique combination of mesh networking and Blockchain technologies is showing great promise as they continue to secure a growing list of partners and endorsements. To find out more about Ammbr, their website can be found here.

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